Kate Bosworth’s New Winter Collection for Topshop is Classically Cool

The American actress, Kate Bosworth, launched her first Fall/Winter 2013 season collection for Topshop on Thursday, October 24th.  It was designed around the theme of festivals and is a direct reflection of the actress’ personal style. This time around though, Bosworth drew on more refined, slightly androgynous styles, in contrast to her bohemian preference.

The details of her collection include 46 pieces, ranging from oversized sheepskin coats to leather and silk muslin shirts. Also in the mix of this capsule collection are biker pants, metallic skirts and a variety of shoes and bags.

Bosworth noted in an interview with Elle UK, “For fall, I wanted to create luxurious, minimalist pieces….  I respond to a slim silhouette cloaked in a more masculine shape, staying true to the mix of masculine feminine balance that exists in my own wardrobe.”

What do you think of her collection?


RIP Lou Reed

RIP Lou Reed

Lou Reed fans mourn the rock star’s death this week.  He was just 71 years old. A member of The Velvet Underground and also a solo artist who influenced not only music but fashion as well.  Take a listen along with me and my gold spiky headphones and remember this legend’s memorable music!

I heart DUMBO

Last weekend, I had a FANTASTIC adventurous trip to DUMBO (“Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”), a neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. This was the first time I have ever been to DUMBO or any other neighborhood in Brooklyn.  I learned that this area has emerged as one of New York’s premier art districts, with a collection of galleries, restaurants, boutiques and bakeries.  So many artists, designers and entrepreneurs brought their creative talent, culture and funky vibe to DUMBO.  And most interestingly, it is the hub of New York’s highest concentration of technology firms.

The photo below was taken under the Brooklyn Bridge!  My friends and I spent the entire day shopping, touring, and … shopping again!  We had lunch at the Archway Cafe.  The food was not only delectable, but you are captivated by the engaging waiters who are very attractive … oops, I mean “attentive”!  And yes, that’s me in my “cat-knit” cap and leather jacket.  So you can imagine the weather has turned colder now.

I guess you can say that I truly, honestly, sincerely, heartily, undoubtedly … enjoyed DUMBO!  It’s probably one of my favorite places.  I will definitely return again soon because  I really want to know more about Brooklyn!  XOXO

Punk Hair

If you are a lover of punk/rock hairstyles or were just curious about trying something different, then you should check out this video.  It will show you a quick and easy way to create a mohawk without shaving!  Perhaps, you can use this tip to change your everyday look.

Understandably, this is not everyone’s personal hairstyle.  No worries.  I will definitely post videos of different styles and tips later, but for now, enjoy this “punkiest” hairdo!

Spook-tacular Nail Art

Spook-tacular Nail Art

Nine more days until…Halloween! Just wanted to share this nail tip I found on a website.  I really love this spooky design and you can even choose the nail art design to match your costumes.  Many designs work well with most types of costumes!

And as for me and my costume choice? Well, I’m still thinking about it and when I do decide, I will be sure to post a photo!  Any plans for Halloween?  Whatever you decide to do or wear, have a good Halloween and stay alive!

Purr into your Fur

Purr into your Fur

A casual outfit this fall. I couldn’t resist wearing my faux fur vest and jeans that I made! Fall is here, the weather is perfect and I finally have the chance to wear it. I’m now prepared for cooler temperatures.

Can’t wait for winter to arrive in NYC. I’m looking forward to wearing a coat with scarves! Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend! XOXO

Urban Rock

Urban Rock

The Ramones epitomize the 70’s – 80’s downtown NYC punk scene, both musically and in urban fashion.  Their fashion, music and counter-culture position are an inspiration to me.   They capture a mood that spurs my creativity and imagination.  70’s and early 80’s fashion has now become mainstream, emerging in pop culture music of today.  It has, in some ways, because of this, made punk an alternative lifestyle, street and youth culture, acceptable and mainstream society.  The very thing it originally opposed.  Punk is a blending of many emotions … anger, frustration, euphoria, elation.  It’s fighting for your life and your belief system.  A constant endeavor to be heard, even if it’s counter.  It’s your expression.  Your revelation.  That’s the Urban Edge.

What is your favorite Rock genre?