We all love fashion, the major glossies, endless designers and blogs, other worldly mannequin rulers! But, when it’s all over, what are the people downtown wearing? How do they interpret the vision of the gods into the perspective of the street? Feel and experience that pulse here:)

I knew I had found my passion when I watched my first episode of “Project Runway!” I appreciated Tim Gunn, the official mentor for the designer, guidance and supportive nature. I really admired him a lot. I wished I could meet him someday.

In the Fall of my Sophomore year in high school, my mom told me that Tim is coming to Tysons Galleria, in McLean, VA, as a host for a Fall fashion/Runway Show event! This was my opportunity to finally meet my idol in my hometown!

In preparation, I brought my sketchbook and sample designs in hopes of getting feedback–just like those contestants. Anxiously waiting in a receiving line, I got my chance! I introduced myself, and asked if he could look at my work. He said, “Gladly!”, and slowly turned page after page of my sketchbook, discussed with his colleagues, and said that I should enroll in a fashion design school. That experience really changed my life. Never give up on your goals and dreams to pursue.


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