I heart DUMBO

Last weekend, I had a FANTASTIC adventurous trip to DUMBO (“Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”), a neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. This was the first time I have ever been to DUMBO or any other neighborhood in Brooklyn.  I learned that this area has emerged as one of New York’s premier art districts, with a collection of galleries, restaurants, boutiques and bakeries.  So many artists, designers and entrepreneurs brought their creative talent, culture and funky vibe to DUMBO.  And most interestingly, it is the hub of New York’s highest concentration of technology firms.

The photo below was taken under the Brooklyn Bridge!  My friends and I spent the entire day shopping, touring, and … shopping again!  We had lunch at the Archway Cafe.  The food was not only delectable, but you are captivated by the engaging waiters who are very attractive … oops, I mean “attentive”!  And yes, that’s me in my “cat-knit” cap and leather jacket.  So you can imagine the weather has turned colder now.

I guess you can say that I truly, honestly, sincerely, heartily, undoubtedly … enjoyed DUMBO!  It’s probably one of my favorite places.  I will definitely return again soon because  I really want to know more about Brooklyn!  XOXO


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