Skeletons at New York’s Village Halloween Parade


Last night, me and a few of my skeletal friends went to the Village Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village.  This is an annual holiday parade and street pageant where over two million spectators watch 60,000 costumed participants, marching bands, dancers, floats and other artists stretched for more than a mile down 6th Avenue.  There were also circus performers, musical acts and pageant sized puppets streaming the air.  It was my first time in a parade!  It was surreal to walk down the street and wave to the cheering crowds who pleaded for a photo or “high-five”.   And as we walked alongside the floats and bands, the photographers, both amateur and professional, snapped pictures non-stop.  It was a continuous sound of cameras clicking, music blasting and trumpets blaring.

New York is truly a melting pot of cultures with all their creativity and imagination blending together in this event.  It is the perfect venue for individuals to boldly let loose and showcase their colorful, weird and frightening costumes!  Within a few hours, the parade ended but not the crowd!  The streets were lined with thousands of people walking in a festive, excited mood and always maintaining order, respect and politeness … especially eager to pose for a photo by an awestruck tourist … amazed at this outlandish, zany American celebration!

Just when I thought things were winding down, we realized that we were starving and decided to head for our favorite Diner.   The weather was unseasonably warm so we sat outdoors near the bustling street.  As we sat devouring our burgers and fries, a car pulled up and parked beside our table and a man jumped out.  “Please, I’m so sorry to interrupt you,” he asked with such enthusiasm.  “I want to take a picture of you all eating … Monsters eating dinner … this is great! My kids are going to love this … thank you, thank you”!

It was the BEST halloween ever! So looking forward to walking down at the parade next year!


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