Humans of New York

Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Broadway theatres … these are just a few of the reasons that draw people to NYC from all over the world.  But what about the people that already live here?  Do these visitors see or know them?  The locals … the ones who go about their daily lives in a large metropolitan city, who, unlike any other city existence, struggle with their daily lives … work, bills, kids, school, mortgage, rent, food, dating, marriage, crime, health, etc. etc.   I have been following this website, “Humans of New York,” for almost two years now.  This is a photographer’s interpretation of these individuals.  A street-sighting of the people of New York.  This amazing photographer, Brandon, captures the surprising, honest, sometimes startling and astonishing images of life in the Big Apple.   Sometimes, he may ask questions to reveal or complete the portrayal of NY life in its truest form.   (My fellow FIT fashion design friend, Jessica, shared this website with me — thank you!)  This website reminds me how essential it is to recognize and acknowledge everyone.  To understand, appreciate and learn each other’s expressions and feelings! Some came here to be aspiring actors, designers, chefs, dancers, or musicians … pursuing their dreams. Never give up on your dreams and goals. So, please take a look at this impressive website.  Click this link:  Humans of New York


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