Jean Michel-Basquiat

This guy, right here in this photo, that’s Jean Michel-Basquiat (“bas – kee- ott”), a well-known “SAMO” (Same Old Shit) 80’s graffiti artist in NYC! Born and raised in Brooklyn by his Haitian father and Puerto Rican mother–they divorced when he was quite young. He was fluent in Spanish, French and English. He used his graffiti art to earn a living by printing them onto sweatshirts and postcards and selling them in the LES.  He was so talented and gifted that it didn’t take long for people to be drawn to his work.  He quickly gained popular attention and other artists were recognizing and appreciating his art.  One such artist was the legendary pop artist, Andy Warhol, who admired and respected Basquiat.  They eventually built a strong friendship.  Ultimately, Basquiat’s artwork was presented and showcased at the museums and art galleries!  Although he was very successful in his work, his personal life declined.  He battled with drug problems and died from a heroin overdose at the age of 27.

Remember what I said in my earlier posting, “Never give up on your dreams and goals. Nothing can stop you from this.”  Basquiat was and still is one of my FAVORITE artists.  I find myself drawn to his work and I think that’s why I am so fascinated with graffiti art … unable to resist walking through the streets of NY in search of new creations … in search of new artists … in search of another Basquiat! Here are some of the exceptional pictures I want to share with you:

Quote: “I am not a black artist. I am an artist.”


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