NYC Holiday Market

It’s been a hectic week before I head home for Christmas…final exams, holiday parties with NY friends, and shopping for family gifts.  I decided to check out the holiday pop-ups to find unique and affordable gifts.  Some of you may ask, “What is a pop-up?”  They are temporary spaces that a vendor may open for a day, month or season to sell or test their products in a particular neighborhood.  They are very popular in NY.  You can find pop-ups everywhere that include restaurants, artwork, jewelry, bakeries, leather goods, etc.  It’s not only interesting but a lot of fun.  The favorite season is Christmas and there are many holiday pop-ups in NY.  Some of the biggest ones I visited are located in Chelsea Market and DUMBO, but my favorite pop-up is in Union Square.  I was suppose to be buying gifts for my family but I ended up finding this cool backpack from the Himalayas (perfect for school), another skateboard (sorry mom), and an awesome sketch artwork of a pink chihuahua that reminded me of my dog, Iggy!  The sketch artist is an amazing Japanese artist, Megu Fukuda and she works with her musician husband, Mush Hosotani (he’s hot ladies — too late, he’s taken!).  You must check out her exceptional artwork at this website —

Can’t wait to leave for Virginia to see all my family and catch-up with friends! Any plans for Christmas? I will post more about NYC when I get back next year! See you soon! XOXO



LA Candy Series


Girls. Reality Show. Fame all the way to Los Angeles!  “LA Candy,” “Sweet Little Lies,” and “Sugar and Spice” written by Lauren Conrad, an American reality star from Orange County’s Laguna Beach, appearing in “The Hills”.   In 2010, she was the second highest-paid reality television personality.  She wrote about her experience of being in reality television that included life in the big city, new jobs, meeting new people, the drama that comes with it … and dealing with the fame.  Lauren’s creative talents expanded beyond acting and writing.  She graduated from my school’s west coast counterpart, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and is a successful fashion designer who started her own clothing and cosmetics line.  In 2009, she collaborated with Kohl’s to launch her fashion line which also included a bedding collection (Do we have a future Martha Stewart in the making?).   In the midst of her busy schedule, Lauren continued her book series and wrote two additional books, “Fame Game” and “Starburst”.  I read these books round-the-clock like those by Cherie Currie and Kelly Cutrone.  Sorry guys, I know this is like those “chick flicks,” but just had to share.  LOL! Check out her website, She shares a lot about fashion tips and style! Also, check out her collection at Kohl’s!

Tokyo Bombay

Tokyo Bombay

If you said these are famous cities of Japan and India, you would be right (today, Bombay is now known as Mumbai). But I’m not writing about the cities…I’m writing about a chance meeting with the visual artist, Tokyo Bombay. I met this artist at the Zumiez store in Union Square yesterday when I took my skateboard to be fitted with new wheels and bearings. We struck up a conversation about the cool artwork designs on the boards in the store and he commented that my skateboard design was feminine but edgy. He knew a lot about designs and colors and that’s when I discovered that he is an artist. He introduced himself as “Tokyo” and I immediately thought it was a nickname. But no, it is his real name that his dad gave him after he visited and fell in love with the city. So, I said, “Tokyo, as in Japan?” and he smiled and replied, “Yes.” And I introduced myself and he said, “Cindy”? I answered, “No, Sydney, as in Australia”! We laughed out loud. He paints mostly oil, but also pencil and pen. He gave me his website. You’ve got to check it out– He is pretty cool, easygoing and talented. His art is inspirational and truly impressive!

Kevin Pearce: Crash Reel

Kevin Peace: Crash Reel

Only two months before the Winter Olympics in Sochi!  Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Skiing, Bobsled, Luge…what’s your favorite sport?  Mine is Snowboarding.  I was captivated with this sport when Shaun White won the gold in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic Games.  He was nicknamed “The Flying Tomato” because of his head full of red hair soaring in the air.  Shaun White was a household name…a phenomenon. But, maybe you haven’t heard before all the glory of winning competitions or a Gold medal, there was a secret daunting rival.  It was Shaun’s childhood friend and former roommate, Kevin Pearce.  I didn’t even know who he was until I watched the documentary film, “Crash Reel,” and learned that he was an accomplished snowboarder who won first place in competition after competition, until a tragic accident turned the tables.  While training for the 2010 Olympics, just two months away, Kevin went snowboarding in the pipeline, took a fall and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  In a coma for one month, Kevin clung to life–he fought to come back.  Though he was disappointed that he didn’t make it to the Olympics, he was more devastated when the doctors told him he could never snowboard again.  It’s difficult to let it go.  Kevin will never give up on his dream.  We may someday hear about Kevin–back on the slopes, doing what he loves the best…Snowboarding!  Or we may see him reinventing himself and his passions in Gold Medal Olympic ways! His drive and strength eclipse any world renowned fame! Life can be hard to understand, I draw personal strength from unsung and forgotten heroes like Kevin Pearce!

Weekly Outfit: Let it Snow

Weekly Outfit: Let it Snow

Snow, Snow, Snow…All day in Aspen.  Be like Kevin Pearce!

Jacket: Fontana Sports American Pie Snowboard Jacket $160!

Pants: Fontana Sports Dynamite Snowboard Pants $88

Snowboard: Zappos Stepchild Powder Sucks $216

Helmet: Bolle “B-Style” Snowboard Helmet Soft Green $80

Goggles: Burton Women’s Snowboard Goggles & Lenses $100

Shoes: Yoox Moon Boots $156

Gloves: Zappos Dakine Storm $20

If you have to cry, Then Go Outside!

“If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You,” and “Normal Gets You Nowhere,” by Kelly Cutrone, an American fashion publicist, television personality and author.  She is the founder and owner of a PR firm, People’s Revolution in 1996, that is one of the most powerful fashion PR companies in the world…producing shows for such artists as Vivienne Westwood, Thierry Mugler, Valentino, Bulgari.  And she appeared in the reality shows–“The Hills”, “The City” and “Kell on Earth”.  Best described as tough, resilient, strong, maybe because she wears only black clothes, black hair and no makeup that contributes to this portrayal of her.  I believe she gained this strength, not by appearance, but rather her inner soul.  Like me, she fell in love with NYC during a visit with her parents when she was 16 years old.  She decided to move to the city after graduating from Syracuse University by accepting a nursing position.  It didn’t last long though. She spent a lot of time at nightclubs, partied hard, married young, opened her own company.  New York does that to people…sometimes.

When I found out that she released her books, and I was curious to read and know all about her! What I learned from her is that life can be a struggle!  These books give GREAT advice on fashion business, personal lives, fame, and…career!

“When you leave home to follow your dreams, your road will probably be riddled with potholes, not always paved in happy Technicolor bricks” –Kelly Cutrone

Weekly Outfit: Comfy Cozy

Weekly Outfit: Comfy Cozy

Winter in NYC on a cozy day!

Jacket: Dorothy Perkins Grey Tipped Faux Fur Coat $119

Sweater: Rebecca Taylor Dolman Sleeve Cropped Knit $281

Jeans: Farfetch “SEVEN” Skinny Jeans $176

Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider Leather Brogue Ankle Boots $130

Bag: Aldo Crema Faux Fur Foldover Clutch Bag $47

Watch: Juicy Couture “Pedigree” Multifunction Bracelet Watch, 38mm Gold $38

Hat: Michael Kors Metallic Knit Beanie $36

Sunglasses: Miu Miu Round Sunglasses $339

Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry Bomb!


Rock ‘n’ Roll, Sex Kittens, Queens of Noise…these are The Runaways, an American all-female rock band in the mid-70’s!  This photo is the book cover from “Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway”, an autobiography by Cherie Currie (the lead singer).  When I first listened to the songs “Cherry Bomb” and “Queens of Noise”, I immediately fell in love with this group and couldn’t resist playing their songs over and over again. I discovered that Cherie Currie wrote this book. The book spanned her music career that started during her wild teen years to her serious struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, family issues, and fame…a very roller coaster life.  It chronicled her journey to rock stardom when she first met a music producer, Kim Fowley.  He introduced her to guitarist, Joan Jett and the rest is history. Cherie wrote that David Bowie was a huge inspiration and influenced her look–she changed her hair, makeup, and clothes. Most interesting and daring was her corset outfit she wore during her tours all over the country, including London and Tokyo!  It became her signature style. Well, I could tell you more about Cherie Currie but instead, urge you to read this book–it’s really, really good, I swear!

Here’s a video of the Runaways during a 1977 tour in Japan.

The Runaways in 1975-1979:


Collage of the Month: Graffiti World

Loving Graffiti

I always have my digital camera with me to catch that moment, that scene or artwork.  I have gathered a collection of graffiti art in downtown NYC–LES, Soho, Bowery, Nolita and Dumbo.   These images influence, energize and motivate me to create.  The artists’ talent and visualization fascinate me and I often think about what inspired and influenced them to produce such works of art.  Sometimes, it seems as if their minds are an expression of speaking up, not verbally, but in street art.  The art is speaking for them.  They appear to be fearless, confident and daring to attempt new things.  Unafraid to be judged.  My special, favorite neighborhoods are LES, East Village and Nolita, famous for the exceptional talent of famous artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lee Quinones or Michael Martin (“Iz the Wiz”).  It’s dope!  I’ve been pondering over my photo collection and made this collage of my “urban street art” experience so far.  This isn’t the end…it’s just the beginning.