Shantell Martin: Who You Are

Shantell Martin: Who You Are

She’s a British visual artist best known for her black and white drawings and animation that flow into her visual experience known as “stream-of-consciousness”.  Her illustrations are transformed and adorned onto everything and anything from the walls of private homes, apartments, companies to sneakers, luxury goods, and even faces!  When she graduated from Central Saints Martins College of Arts and Design in London with a degree in graphic design, she was unsure where her life would take her.  She decided to move to Tokyo and became a performance artist in nightclubs.  The performances were “live” and her drawings would be digitally projected onto screens for audiences to experience her flow of energy and emotions … her “stream-of-consciousness”.  Then, in 2008, she moved to New York City and she continued her work and performances.  Her style and creations became her signature trademark propelling her to international acclaim as a visual artist.  She was invited to present her artwork at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (“MOMA”) and the Brooklyn Museum.   She currently teaches at NYU, guiding students to draw using their imagination, senses, passion, moods. And she continues her journey by volunteering at local schools and inspiring young children’s imagination, working in her Tribeca studio which she opened this past Spring 2013 and constantly producing and generating new projects.


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