Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry Bomb!


Rock ‘n’ Roll, Sex Kittens, Queens of Noise…these are The Runaways, an American all-female rock band in the mid-70’s!  This photo is the book cover from “Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway”, an autobiography by Cherie Currie (the lead singer).  When I first listened to the songs “Cherry Bomb” and “Queens of Noise”, I immediately fell in love with this group and couldn’t resist playing their songs over and over again. I discovered that Cherie Currie wrote this book. The book spanned her music career that started during her wild teen years to her serious struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, family issues, and fame…a very roller coaster life.  It chronicled her journey to rock stardom when she first met a music producer, Kim Fowley.  He introduced her to guitarist, Joan Jett and the rest is history. Cherie wrote that David Bowie was a huge inspiration and influenced her look–she changed her hair, makeup, and clothes. Most interesting and daring was her corset outfit she wore during her tours all over the country, including London and Tokyo!  It became her signature style. Well, I could tell you more about Cherie Currie but instead, urge you to read this book–it’s really, really good, I swear!

Here’s a video of the Runaways during a 1977 tour in Japan.

The Runaways in 1975-1979:



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