Tokyo Bombay

Tokyo Bombay

If you said these are famous cities of Japan and India, you would be right (today, Bombay is now known as Mumbai). But I’m not writing about the cities…I’m writing about a chance meeting with the visual artist, Tokyo Bombay. I met this artist at the Zumiez store in Union Square yesterday when I took my skateboard to be fitted with new wheels and bearings. We struck up a conversation about the cool artwork designs on the boards in the store and he commented that my skateboard design was feminine but edgy. He knew a lot about designs and colors and that’s when I discovered that he is an artist. He introduced himself as “Tokyo” and I immediately thought it was a nickname. But no, it is his real name that his dad gave him after he visited and fell in love with the city. So, I said, “Tokyo, as in Japan?” and he smiled and replied, “Yes.” And I introduced myself and he said, “Cindy”? I answered, “No, Sydney, as in Australia”! We laughed out loud. He paints mostly oil, but also pencil and pen. He gave me his website. You’ve got to check it out– He is pretty cool, easygoing and talented. His art is inspirational and truly impressive!


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