LA Candy Series


Girls. Reality Show. Fame all the way to Los Angeles!  “LA Candy,” “Sweet Little Lies,” and “Sugar and Spice” written by Lauren Conrad, an American reality star from Orange County’s Laguna Beach, appearing in “The Hills”.   In 2010, she was the second highest-paid reality television personality.  She wrote about her experience of being in reality television that included life in the big city, new jobs, meeting new people, the drama that comes with it … and dealing with the fame.  Lauren’s creative talents expanded beyond acting and writing.  She graduated from my school’s west coast counterpart, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and is a successful fashion designer who started her own clothing and cosmetics line.  In 2009, she collaborated with Kohl’s to launch her fashion line which also included a bedding collection (Do we have a future Martha Stewart in the making?).   In the midst of her busy schedule, Lauren continued her book series and wrote two additional books, “Fame Game” and “Starburst”.  I read these books round-the-clock like those by Cherie Currie and Kelly Cutrone.  Sorry guys, I know this is like those “chick flicks,” but just had to share.  LOL! Check out her website, She shares a lot about fashion tips and style! Also, check out her collection at Kohl’s!


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