NYC Holiday Market

It’s been a hectic week before I head home for Christmas…final exams, holiday parties with NY friends, and shopping for family gifts.  I decided to check out the holiday pop-ups to find unique and affordable gifts.  Some of you may ask, “What is a pop-up?”  They are temporary spaces that a vendor may open for a day, month or season to sell or test their products in a particular neighborhood.  They are very popular in NY.  You can find pop-ups everywhere that include restaurants, artwork, jewelry, bakeries, leather goods, etc.  It’s not only interesting but a lot of fun.  The favorite season is Christmas and there are many holiday pop-ups in NY.  Some of the biggest ones I visited are located in Chelsea Market and DUMBO, but my favorite pop-up is in Union Square.  I was suppose to be buying gifts for my family but I ended up finding this cool backpack from the Himalayas (perfect for school), another skateboard (sorry mom), and an awesome sketch artwork of a pink chihuahua that reminded me of my dog, Iggy!  The sketch artist is an amazing Japanese artist, Megu Fukuda and she works with her musician husband, Mush Hosotani (he’s hot ladies — too late, he’s taken!).  You must check out her exceptional artwork at this website —

Can’t wait to leave for Virginia to see all my family and catch-up with friends! Any plans for Christmas? I will post more about NYC when I get back next year! See you soon! XOXO



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