Harley Hall


I met this guy. That’s Harley Hall, the 2013 Brides Choice Award photographer in NYC. We were sitting at The Coffee Shop’s counter bar in Union Square and Harley came up beside us. He is engaging, personable and very friendly. I told Harley that I was studying at FIT and he told me that he started his career as a fashion photographer and later, found his passion in wedding photography! Check out his website at http://www.harleyhallphotography.com


Weekly Outfit: Arctic Blast

Weekly Outfit: Arctic Blast

Shirt: Paolo Casalini Sweater Yoox $250

Jeans: J Brand Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans FarFetch $77

Shoes: Blink Lexiee-Emerald Fabric $70

Bag: Michael Kors Large Selma Lizard Embossed Satchel $398

Hat: Jigsaw Chunky Knit Beanie Hat $49

Sunglasses: Le Specs Hey Macarena Round-Frame Acetate $55


Whirl, twirl, rotate, revolve, circle, reel, twist, slant…these are the many ways you can make that ball spin when you SLAM it across the net to your opponent.  No, I’m not talking about the Australian Open…I’m talking about ping pong.  You wanna have fun right?  Still bored and want to do something different?  Then I have the answer.  There’s a ping pong club in NYC called, Spin Galactic, in Flatiron–a neighborhood of Manhattan near Madison Square Park. Spin is a great place for all ages to play, hang out with your friends or meet new people.  There are over 17 table tennis courts, a full bar and lounge area for socializing, and a full menu of food (awesome sliders and fries) and drinks (try the berry smoothie for energy) to eat courtside while watching that ball fly.

Feeling apprehensive about your ability?  Never played before?  Me too, but I did it!  I not only had one of the best times with my friends, but I also released so much stress and tension from schoolwork.  It was the perfect remedy.  And you don’t have to worry about chasing and picking up all those ping pong balls.  Spin has a bunch of cute (oops, I mean capable) ball retrievers that constantly pick up your balls and refill your basket for continuous, non-stop play.   They wear t-shirts that say “Balls Are My Business”!  Check the website and you can select a Spin location with details:  http://spingalactic.com

Trash and Vaudeville

St. Mark’s Place is the main cultural street of the East Village.  It developed its identity in the 70’s and became the mecca for artists, musicians, poets, writers and students.  A bohemian neighborhood emerged with iconic buildings filled with graffiti art, vintage shops, cozy bars, tattoo, piercing and hair parlors, creative art schools and restaurants.  In just a three block strip, you can savor foods from Asia, Italy, Morocco, India, Ukraine, Venezuela and get the “best” sliders, falafels or ramen as described in the “Village Voice”.

St. Mark’s has some of the most renowned vintage shops in the city (maybe even the world) where you can find retro, timeless, edgy punk, rock and goth style inspired fashion like those of Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen.  I have to tell you about the shop that made a lasting impression.  It’s one of the original, avant-garde shops called Trash and Vaudeville.  Founded in 1975, and famously associated with The Ramones, Blondie and Iggy Pop.  When you enter the store, you immediately feel like you are walking back in time.  The walls are plastered with posters from the past along with jewelry, clothes, heels and shoes I thought were all extinct, including spaceship platform boots!  The workers were dressed in punk clothing, dyed hair of flaming red, blue or orange or half-shaved with various body piercing and tattoos. They were really friendly with a positive vibe in their rebel-like personalities.  The super friendly store manager, Jimmy Webb, spoke to me in his raspy, craggy voice.  About in his mid-50’s, he wore mascara and eye shadow, black nail polish complete with punk clothes, Dr. Marten boots and bracelets that jingled like sleigh bells.  What was most unforgettable were all his tattoos!  And yes, I walked out with bags filled with cool stuff.

So…to all of you who want to add that edge, swank or funky vibe to your life, Trash and Vaudeville is the place that will twist your wicked style. (Using my rock-hand gesture!). Check out the website http://www.trashandvaudeville.com.  That’s the Urban Edge!

Fig and Olive

Fig and Olive

I heard about this Mediterranean restaurant that uses over 30 different types of extra virgin olive oil from the Riviera and Coastal Regions of the South of France, Italy and Spain to create an exceptional menu of small plates and main dishes.  The olive oil is specifically paired with each dish and available for tasting.  My friend and I just had to try it out, so this past weekend, we headed straight over to the Meatpacking District!  We were immediately impressed with the bright, sunny decor of rosemary and olive trees…a real essence of the Mediterranean.  And, as soon as we were seated, the waiter brought us an array of 6 types of olive oil, bread and figs to sample.  (Wow!)  Next we started with crostinis of mushroom, artichoke, scallions, parmesan and another one with eggplant, figs, tomato and basil.  Your mouth is probably watering now so I won’t tell you about the French Riviera salmon for dinner or my friend’s Mediterranean Branzino glazed with fig and 18-year old balsamic vinegar or the carmelized apple tart for dessert.  Thank you Executive Chef Pascal Lorange !!

 And the waiter brought over a bottle of something bubbly imported from France made by Gillac, the winemaker.  Sorry guys, I enjoyed the grape juice from the bottle…it’s NOT wine!   Fig and Olive deserve all the bells and whistles.  Go savor the taste of the Mediterranean.  FigandOlive.com

David Yurman


Fashion is generally thought of as clothing…couture, vogue, avant-garde, that follow and set trends that are distinctive, creative, imaginative, but fashion also encompasses accessories like perfume, handbags, footwear, jewelry (my favorite).  Jewelry design is a multi-billion dollar industry.  We love to embellish our attire with fabulous gold, silver, platinum or sparkling, dazzling gems.  I’d like to introduce you, if you don’t already know about him, to one of my favorite jewelry designers, David Yurman.  His designs were introduced to me by my dad, who bought me some of his signature pieces, and took me to visit one of his stores in McLean.

Yurman, a native of New York, found his passion and focus in sculpture at the young age of 16.  He was introduced to a sculptor, Ernesto Gonzales, and began sculpting small pieces and selling them at his high school cafeteria.  Yurman went on to NYU but dropped out to make a sojourn to Northern California and joined a beatnik colony in the 60’s.  He later returned to NY to work with sculptor, Hans Van de Bovenkamp.  It was in Van de Bovenkamp’s studio where he met his wife, Sybil Kleinrock, a gifted and talented painter.  When his wife wore a piece of his sculpture art, as a jewelry piece, to an art gallery exhibit, it caught the eye of the gallery owner who wanted to buy the necklace.  And that was the beginning.  Yurman launched his brand. In 1980, he introduced his cable bracelet–a twisted helix adorned with gemstones. That was his first design and soulful trademark. It was an absolute success.  David Yurman boutiques are now nationwide, including international locations in Canada, France and China. Check out his website at www.davidyurman.com.


Happy 2014!


Happy New Year! I CANNOT believe it’s 2014! New year, new lives, new experiences, new friends, and new drama (LOL!)  I had a lot of great memories in 2013.  I took a holiday break from blogging and apologize for not posting lately.  It was a wonderful holiday and hope you guys had a good one too! Soooo…any New Year’s resolutions?? Mine is to write more, go on some fun adventures which includes traveling to many different and interesting places!

I will be posting more about fashion, art, food and music to prepare for spring and summer in NYC–don’t worry guys, you will survive being at school…it’s only for 6 months (time will move faster than you can imagine, so stay tuned!)