David Yurman


Fashion is generally thought of as clothing…couture, vogue, avant-garde, that follow and set trends that are distinctive, creative, imaginative, but fashion also encompasses accessories like perfume, handbags, footwear, jewelry (my favorite).  Jewelry design is a multi-billion dollar industry.  We love to embellish our attire with fabulous gold, silver, platinum or sparkling, dazzling gems.  I’d like to introduce you, if you don’t already know about him, to one of my favorite jewelry designers, David Yurman.  His designs were introduced to me by my dad, who bought me some of his signature pieces, and took me to visit one of his stores in McLean.

Yurman, a native of New York, found his passion and focus in sculpture at the young age of 16.  He was introduced to a sculptor, Ernesto Gonzales, and began sculpting small pieces and selling them at his high school cafeteria.  Yurman went on to NYU but dropped out to make a sojourn to Northern California and joined a beatnik colony in the 60’s.  He later returned to NY to work with sculptor, Hans Van de Bovenkamp.  It was in Van de Bovenkamp’s studio where he met his wife, Sybil Kleinrock, a gifted and talented painter.  When his wife wore a piece of his sculpture art, as a jewelry piece, to an art gallery exhibit, it caught the eye of the gallery owner who wanted to buy the necklace.  And that was the beginning.  Yurman launched his brand. In 1980, he introduced his cable bracelet–a twisted helix adorned with gemstones. That was his first design and soulful trademark. It was an absolute success.  David Yurman boutiques are now nationwide, including international locations in Canada, France and China. Check out his website at www.davidyurman.com.



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