Fig and Olive

Fig and Olive

I heard about this Mediterranean restaurant that uses over 30 different types of extra virgin olive oil from the Riviera and Coastal Regions of the South of France, Italy and Spain to create an exceptional menu of small plates and main dishes.  The olive oil is specifically paired with each dish and available for tasting.  My friend and I just had to try it out, so this past weekend, we headed straight over to the Meatpacking District!  We were immediately impressed with the bright, sunny decor of rosemary and olive trees…a real essence of the Mediterranean.  And, as soon as we were seated, the waiter brought us an array of 6 types of olive oil, bread and figs to sample.  (Wow!)  Next we started with crostinis of mushroom, artichoke, scallions, parmesan and another one with eggplant, figs, tomato and basil.  Your mouth is probably watering now so I won’t tell you about the French Riviera salmon for dinner or my friend’s Mediterranean Branzino glazed with fig and 18-year old balsamic vinegar or the carmelized apple tart for dessert.  Thank you Executive Chef Pascal Lorange !!

 And the waiter brought over a bottle of something bubbly imported from France made by Gillac, the winemaker.  Sorry guys, I enjoyed the grape juice from the bottle…it’s NOT wine!   Fig and Olive deserve all the bells and whistles.  Go savor the taste of the Mediterranean.

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