Whirl, twirl, rotate, revolve, circle, reel, twist, slant…these are the many ways you can make that ball spin when you SLAM it across the net to your opponent.  No, I’m not talking about the Australian Open…I’m talking about ping pong.  You wanna have fun right?  Still bored and want to do something different?  Then I have the answer.  There’s a ping pong club in NYC called, Spin Galactic, in Flatiron–a neighborhood of Manhattan near Madison Square Park. Spin is a great place for all ages to play, hang out with your friends or meet new people.  There are over 17 table tennis courts, a full bar and lounge area for socializing, and a full menu of food (awesome sliders and fries) and drinks (try the berry smoothie for energy) to eat courtside while watching that ball fly.

Feeling apprehensive about your ability?  Never played before?  Me too, but I did it!  I not only had one of the best times with my friends, but I also released so much stress and tension from schoolwork.  It was the perfect remedy.  And you don’t have to worry about chasing and picking up all those ping pong balls.  Spin has a bunch of cute (oops, I mean capable) ball retrievers that constantly pick up your balls and refill your basket for continuous, non-stop play.   They wear t-shirts that say “Balls Are My Business”!  Check the website and you can select a Spin location with details:  http://spingalactic.com


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