Check Out Jonathan Adler’s New Collection for Toms

Check Out Jonathan Adler's New Collection for Toms

Toms are an AMAZING trend to wear this spring and summer…Very retro, colorful, iconic designs on Jonathan’s collection! I bought my first pair of Toms two years ago at “Opening Ceremony” in Soho.  They are playful, vibrant and hip!  

Can it be that spring and summer are just around the corner?  Can’t wait to wear them as soon as possible!  Check out these bold shapes, zig-zag and geometric designs —



DrunkTrack Debut

Jamie Krasner released her EP album, “Rum”, back in November and here’s a video of one of her popular songs, “Drunktrack.” Enjoy the music!

Marc by Marc Jacobs/ Matthew Williamson

Modern, electric and funky ninja, samurai, warrior-style Marc Jacobs collection.  Oooooo yeah!  I WANT IT…the metallic dress, half-skull mouth scarves and the text white skirt.  Fearless, brave, daring and magnificent.  To be honest, I love them all!!

Marc JacobsF2014 Collage

NYFW is over and now it’s London Fashion Week’s turn–Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Vivienne Westwood.  Today, I just discovered this British designer, Matthew Williamson and his collection.  It’s vibrant, youthful and striking in a Boho-chic style filled with metallic fabric, glitter, colorful fur and leather!

Matthew WilliamsonF2014 Collage

Couture Fashion Week

February is an exciting and busy month…Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl, Sochi Olympics and New York Fashion Week!  Held twice a year every February and September, fashion design collections are showcased to buyers, the press and general public.  My friends and I attended the Couture Fashion Week event the other night at the New Yorker Hotel.  When the models walked out one-by-one down the runway, my heart skipped a beat.  We had front row seats.  It was a surreal experience for several of us as first-year fashion design students!  The first designer was inspired by the Chinese New Year symbol of the Year of the Horse.  Design after design embodied the tribal Chinese style.  The next designer, Laurie Elyse, presented her collection with white, black, and metallic silver colors for her “Bandages” collection made from medical supplies, hospital gowns, gauze, pill bottles and medical tape.  This innovative designer has been called a “creative genius”.  And then the last collection by Otgoo Couture, amazed the audience.  The designer is from Mongolia.  We were awestruck by the modern Mongolian style designs.  It was breathtaking!  At the end of the show, we had the opportunity to greet all the guests and meet the photographers, designers and models.  They were very welcoming, gracious and friendly.  It was one of the BEST experiences of my life…ever!  I took a lot of pictures to post:

Weekly Outfit: All you need is LOVE

Weekly Outfit: All you need is LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make sure to eat lots of candy, watch movies, have fun, and spread the love whether it be with family, friends, pets or that special someone!

Shirt: Sundry Love Jumper Shirt $55

Pants: Saint Laurent Coated Low-Rise Skinny Jeans $650

Dress: Oasis Abbey Lace Chiffon Skater Dress $22

Bag: Lulu Guinness Women’s Glitter Lip Top Zip Pouch $55

Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti Open Toe $735

Flats: Accessorize Simple Suede Ballerina $17

Necklace: Effy Collection 14 Kt. White Gold Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace $1,300

Sunglasses: Wildfox Couture Lolita $189

Alice + Olivia/ Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2014 Collection

Alice+OliviaF2014 Collage

This luxurious enchanted garden theme in Alice + Olivia’s collection is captivating.  The blending of floral prints are alluring, fascinating and even beguiling!  I really love the impressive, illustrious hairstyles…so artistic and distinctive.  And the intense, deep black eyeliner magnifies the enchantment and magic of this collection!

Tommy HifigierF2014 Collage

Aspen, snowboarding and downhill skiing inspired this aesthetic collection.  Tommy Hilfiger’s classic plaids used in oversized jackets, shirts, and skirts are so diverse and exceptional.  The blending of plaid presents a colorful mosaic on each design, including the adorable beanie hats…creating a kaleidoscope impression.  Get ready for the slopes!

Eden Potter


This is my close, dear and loyal friend.  She’s spunky, gorgeous and an amazing photographer!  What makes her so amazing is her exceptional eye.  Eye for knowing how to capture a moment, a feeling, a mood…that perceptive vision to know when the photo is meant to be sincere, humorous, diverse or just whimsical.  Eden is also the director and choreographer who takes control of her projects whether inside a studio or on location for one of her photo shoots.  She is passionate about her work as she is for the world around her.  A nature lover and world traveler who has a spirited respect and understanding of different cultures that is so naturally illustrated, symbolized and expressed in her photography.  So follow her website,  or on Facebook and feel free to send her a message if you’re interested in a photo shoot or special event.  Eden is that photographer who has the extraordinary talent and instinctive ability to seize that moment or capture those precious memories so beautifully and flawlessly.  Check out some photos she took: