Eden Potter


This is my close, dear and loyal friend.  She’s spunky, gorgeous and an amazing photographer!  What makes her so amazing is her exceptional eye.  Eye for knowing how to capture a moment, a feeling, a mood…that perceptive vision to know when the photo is meant to be sincere, humorous, diverse or just whimsical.  Eden is also the director and choreographer who takes control of her projects whether inside a studio or on location for one of her photo shoots.  She is passionate about her work as she is for the world around her.  A nature lover and world traveler who has a spirited respect and understanding of different cultures that is so naturally illustrated, symbolized and expressed in her photography.  So follow her website, www.edenpotterphotography.com  or on Facebook and feel free to send her a message if you’re interested in a photo shoot or special event.  Eden is that photographer who has the extraordinary talent and instinctive ability to seize that moment or capture those precious memories so beautifully and flawlessly.  Check out some photos she took:


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