Collage of the Month: Supernova

SuperNova collage

A supernova is the explosion of a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness. Out of the darkness emerges brilliant colors that radiate light and energy that illuminate many different worlds. And as in the world of expression, creativity and emotion, the inspiration lay hidden in darkness, surrounded by vibrant hues, until that moment ignites the inner light to burst brightly and let the ideas and imagination electrify and shine like the supernova star!


Brooklyn Flea Market

Last Sunday, we took the “L” subway to Bedford Ave and a very short walk to the beautiful waterfront to visit the Brooklyn Flea Market located in Williamsburg, a neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn. I learned that this entire neighborhood is an influential hub of indie rock and hipster culture with many ethnic groups–African American, Italian, Jewish, Puerto Rican and Dominicans! This market features many vendors offering antiques, handmade crafts, jewelry, vintage clothes including shoes and accessories, art, and many unusual articles and objects from the past. And located in the center is a “Smorgasburg” of over 100 food vendors with picnic tables to sit, sample and enjoy everything from organic brown rice sushi to ramen burgers! I tried the “Brooklyn Soda Works,” and ordered lemon thyme..a tasty herb juice. Next door to the flea market is the East River State Park with a gorgeous, picturesque skyline view of Manhattan where you can sit, bask in the sun, ride bikes, paint, write or just stroll around the beautiful garden. Admission is free! You must experience this flea market…the winner of the 2010 Community Leadership Award for “…strengthening New Yorkers’ spirit of community.”







Weekly Outfit: Dating

My girlfriends often ask me for fashion advice for that special occasion, event or just for that date to make it an exceptional and memorable time. At first, I didn’t really think much about it until one night when my good friend Eden mentioned it to me, and then some ideas seemed to jump out. I thought about pulling outfits and accessories together, mix and match even from your own closet, for day or night, at any celebration, affair or date. Be creative! Don’t stress out, but make it fun. You’re going to look SMOKIN’ hot anyway. Let’s do this!


Korea Cosmetic Bliss

I read an article in about a pop-up store in Soho near Little Italy…Korea Cosmetic Bliss. This store features over ten different skincare and cosmetic companies with products made with natural ingredients. These companies represent and share their cutting-edge and natural beauty trends in Korea. As part of my Korean heritage, I was curious to find out more about it and asked my friend Betsy, to join me. We took the subway to Spring Street and a short walk down to Broome Street. We were met by this guy named Jay (well, he said it’s his Americanized name). He was friendly, attentive and personable…telling us all about his background. He’s originally from Gyeongju (city in central South Korea) and here in NYC as a student intern, thanks to the Korean Ministry of Health, Welfare and Industry. I decided to try some of the Missha and Manefit products. Before I left, Jay gave us a bag with many samples to try. So maybe this will be the “next Korean wave following Gangnam style!” Check out


Clayton Patterson and Elsa Rensaa

The other day as I was heading home from the gym, I spotted a pop-up art gallery with wide-open doors and a welcoming bright neon sign that read, “Elgoog”. Curiously, I walked in and scanned around the bright white room filled with photo frames of black and white drawings. It was boho punk! I wondered to myself, “who’s the photographer?” and saw the names, Clayton Patterson and Elsa Rensaa. I took some pictures and went back to my apartment to do some research. I learned that this Canadian-born photographer was celebrating his farewell exhibition about his Lower East Side career along with his life partner, Elsa Rensaa, at the Galerie ABP (which stands for Au Bon Punk) on 58-60 at 9th Ave. During the 80’s, their photographs, paintings and writings influenced their LES neighborhood and it documented the cultural and economic changes that expanded beyond the streets of Essex, Houston, Ludlow and Stanton but influenced and changed all of NYC including such artists and celebrities like Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Madonna and Blondie. “From an era where an unknown artist could live in a loft in Soho or in Tribeca off income selling prints in the streets. An era that is long gone.”

Diane von Furstenberg Reality Show


Fashionistas! Get ready and brush up those resumes. E! Is partnering with DVF for a reality competition show centering on the fashion designer’s quest to find a global brand ambassador for her label. I have always admired DVF. She’s not only a talented designer but known for her graciousness with everyone around her! Her yearly collection stays true to women who are comfortable in their own skin. I am looking forward to watching her reality show with all the behind the scenes of the fashion culture, working and traveling with celebrities and designers. They haven’t set a date yet for the show’s premiere, but look out because they’re still filming in NYC! Check out her spring/summer collection at:

Dos Caminos in Meatpacking

Just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Meatpacking–Dos Caminos! Start out with their fresh to order guacamole and trio of salsas from mild to spicy hot! You must try the salmon with avocado puree and sautéed mushroom and the chicken enchiladas. Complement a perfect meal with Tre Leches cake with salted caramel. Super food … Super fun!

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