Korea Cosmetic Bliss

I read an article in Style.com about a pop-up store in Soho near Little Italy…Korea Cosmetic Bliss. This store features over ten different skincare and cosmetic companies with products made with natural ingredients. These companies represent and share their cutting-edge and natural beauty trends in Korea. As part of my Korean heritage, I was curious to find out more about it and asked my friend Betsy, to join me. We took the subway to Spring Street and a short walk down to Broome Street. We were met by this guy named Jay (well, he said it’s his Americanized name). He was friendly, attentive and personable…telling us all about his background. He’s originally from Gyeongju (city in central South Korea) and here in NYC as a student intern, thanks to the Korean Ministry of Health, Welfare and Industry. I decided to try some of the Missha and Manefit products. Before I left, Jay gave us a bag with many samples to try. So maybe this will be the “next Korean wave following Gangnam style!” Check out koreacosmeticbliss.org.



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