Brooklyn Flea Market

Last Sunday, we took the “L” subway to Bedford Ave and a very short walk to the beautiful waterfront to visit the Brooklyn Flea Market located in Williamsburg, a neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn. I learned that this entire neighborhood is an influential hub of indie rock and hipster culture with many ethnic groups–African American, Italian, Jewish, Puerto Rican and Dominicans! This market features many vendors offering antiques, handmade crafts, jewelry, vintage clothes including shoes and accessories, art, and many unusual articles and objects from the past. And located in the center is a “Smorgasburg” of over 100 food vendors with picnic tables to sit, sample and enjoy everything from organic brown rice sushi to ramen burgers! I tried the “Brooklyn Soda Works,” and ordered lemon thyme..a tasty herb juice. Next door to the flea market is the East River State Park with a gorgeous, picturesque skyline view of Manhattan where you can sit, bask in the sun, ride bikes, paint, write or just stroll around the beautiful garden. Admission is free! You must experience this flea market…the winner of the 2010 Community Leadership Award for “…strengthening New Yorkers’ spirit of community.”








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