Christian Siriano’s New Reality Show


Designer and Season 4 “Project Runway’s youngest winner,” Christian Siriano, is hosting a new reality show on Lifetime called, “Threads”. It’s a competition for teens and preteens!! Fierce!!

I visited his first boutique in Nolita, hoping to meet him in person, but Siriano was working and designing in his warehouse. His boutique assistant, who happened to be from my hometown in Virginia, gave me his business card, brochure and magazine. Most importantly, she gladly let me take photos of his collection! She also affirmed to me what I sensed from watching the “Project Runway” competition, that Siriano “Is so nice and would be excited to meet you someday when you return!” Congrats on his engagement and so excited to hear all about the wedding details in the news soon!



Youthfest is a summer music festival held every June for all teens and young adults! It was held last weekend in Ashburn, VA. This was my third time and reminded me of a mini-Coachella and Governors Ball. My best friend Eden won backstage passes for us to meet and greet The Mowglis…Thanks Eden, you’re awesome! But we were missing our other Youthfest buddy, Miranda, so we posted pictures to make you feel a part of it. Thanks for all the memories Youthfest. And to the local Virginians, if you wanna kick-off next summer, then Youthfest would be the one to turn it up! LOL


What I like about Brazil and the World Cup

1.) Coconut–I do drink coconut water and it keeps you hydrated. I use it for my daily smoothie…not just the water but the oil too.

2.) Rio de Janiero–I made some cool friends in NYC that are from Brazil! And they recommended a few beaches like The Copacabana!

3.) Gisele Bundchen–She’s the famous Brazilian supermodel and actress appearing in such films like Taxi and The Devil Wears Prada.

4.) Brazilian Butt Lift–Brazilians do exercise to tighten and uplift their ass…(Oops excuse my French–LOL) I like the squats!

5.) Swimwear–after that butt lift, you can wear anything!

Enjoy the World Cup games no matter which country you want to win. This is the perfect way to start the summer!


Material Girl


I’m adventurous and spontaneous…a free spirit! I always find interesting cool stuff in the world around me, not just material things but the inspiring, passionate and fascinating personalities and emotions of the people I meet and know. I’m that “Material Girl” who loves people for their uniqueness, distinctiveness, creativity and humor.

My outfit is from Material Girl by Madonna’s collection at Macy’s! Congrats to Rita Ora who became the new face for the Material Girl! XOXO!