Fashion Week is the biggest, the best, the foremost celebrated worldwide event and New York’s Fashion Week takes place every February and September. And this week, NY welcomes and introduces the Spring/Summer 2015 collection (SS15). It is a huge and exciting week for the runway shows, designers, casting models, makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, and the hundreds of student volunteers working backstage, tirelessly and with energy and spirit. I had the opportunity and privilege to be assigned with other FIT volunteers, to the renowned Milk Studios, to work with Houghton and designer, Katharine Polk. This is a fashion student’s objective, as part of the learning process, and a real eye-opener to the world of fashion.

I arrived promptly at 7am, dressed entirely in black attire from head-to-toe, stylish and comfortable, with a tiny black fanny pack. The black attire made us invisible as we worked and assisted everyone while maintaining and safeguarding the garments and accessories. It was, at times, chaotic and frenzied working side-by-side to dress models, apply makeup or style hair, steam or alter garments…lots to do in order to meet the deadline for the runway. I was assigned to assist two models, Kate and Cristina. And at the end of the show, there was just as much work organizing, packing, and matching the inventory lists. This was one of the most dynamic times in my life and I will never forget this experience. Thank you so much Houghton, for giving me this opportunity.

Please visit the website at http://www.houghtonnyc.com. Houghton is “chic, edgy, and luxurious” ready-to-wear designs. Katharine Polk, who is originally from Malibu, stated that her fashion icons, Katharine Hepburn and Bianca Jagger are her inspirations. Polk also designs wedding gowns and accessories for Houghton Bride. Most recently, celebrity Ashlee Simpson wore a Houghton boho-chic gown when she wed Evan Ross over the Labor Day weekend. The gown was stunning!


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