After waiting over six years, I finally had the chance to meet my idol, Christian Siriano…”Project Runway” 2008 Season 4 youngest-ever winner. He has been my inspiration!

This month, Siriano launched a new women’s perfume, “Silhouette”, at his NY Fashion Week pop-up boutique in Meatpacking. Amidst all the guests and staff, champagne was passed around and, of course, I enjoyed my sparkling water while they snapped silhouette photos of me in humorous and fun ways. Siriano and I struck up a conversation about his collection and perfume and I was doing my best to be calm, composed and graceful while my knees and hands quivered. All the while, he was welcoming, friendly and engaging. He told me his inspiration for the unusual shape of the “Silhouette” bottle was the twisted, pleated gown throughout his collection.

“Fragrance is an item that lasts a really long time, and I wanted it to be something that was signature to my brand and my world that could last 50 years,” …“We’re about dressing all types of women, and I wanted the fragrance to feel the same way. Even down to the name, Silhouette, we wanted it to feel like it could be for every woman—she can be any size, any age, any shape, and it’s all about celebrating the silhouette of a woman.” –Christian Siriano–


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