Trick or Treat


#TBT I’m the manic skeleton rockstar last year when I walked the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Beware my zombie, vampire, banshee ghouls and goblins…find me if you can — and follow me in this year’s parade. I may be dressed as Macbeth’s witch!  “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.”



Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954), French painter and sculptor, considered one of the leading figures in modern art. It was later in his career that Matisse discovered and created some of his most exquisite works by cutting shapes out of paper. He made “drawings with scissors” and scattered papers all around him on the floor, cutting out shapes of colored papers — large, small, curvy, wavy, hearts, squares, zigzags … every imaginable shape. “His scissors curve and circle through the paper, flying like a bird in his hand.” I had the privilege and pleasure to see the largest and extensive exhibit that has ever been assembled of Matisse’s “Cut-Outs” now presented at MoMA and will run until February 8, 2015. You must go and see this extraordinary collection. It will be a memorable experience.




Harold Hunter


This guy, right here in this photo, that’s Harold Hunter, a professional skateboarder turned actor from the 80’s and 90’s. Born and raised in East Village in 1974, he shared his love of the sport by hanging out with a local skate crew near Tompkins Square Park. That’s when he mastered his moves and skill from skateboard hops called the “Ollie” to high-flying backside heel flips. “From benches to stoops to staircases and building facades to handrails, the cityscape of Lower Manhattan became his skate park. He was a fixture in Washington Square, Union Square and Astor Place and at skating spots like the Brooklyn Banks, the concrete slopes under the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan”.

He was eventually sponsored by “Skate NYC” and later Zoo York and Rock Star Bearings. His huge, oversized personality won him roles in television and in a well-known 1995 movie, “Kids”, as well as a photo-spread and article in Thrasher magazine about the NYC skateboard scene. Hunter died from a heart attack at the young age of 31. A grassroots organization formed the Harold Hunter Foundation that raises money and awareness for young people to attend skate camp, stay out of gangs, maintain a healthy lifestyle, build character and instill values while introducing them to a spirit of community with opportunity and support. This year Hunter would be celebrating his 40th birthday, so in his honor, NYC has proclaimed today as “Harold Hunter Day” with contests, fundraising and celebration at the LES Coleman skatepark. So let’s get out there today and skate in remembrance of him…Harold Hunter…we will never forget you!

Claire Pettibone

It’s Bridal Market Fashion Week and I had the opportunity and privilege to be working with this vintage, boho-style bridal designer, Claire Pettibone from LA. Her inspiration developed from artistic parents–her father was a landscape artist and her mother a photo-realist painter. The runway show was adorned as a vineyard with a garden filled with flowers and candles held in the historic High Line Hotel located in Meatpacking. I was among the FIT volunteers preparing gift boxes, flowers and programs as well as organizing, taking inventory, and assisting models. It was an exciting and dynamic occasion to be a part of it, backstage and learning so much about the industry. More significantly, I had the chance to meet this spirited and energetic designer. Thank you so much Claire Pettibone, for giving me this opportunity to work with your team!

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Weekly Outfit: Funtober



October already! It is the start of the autumn season…leaves turn to vibrant and glorious gold, red, yellow, purple and brown, and the weather turns cool and chilly. It’s an exciting time to get ready to celebrate the upcoming fall holidays.

Fall colors are more subdued and darker, so it’s essential to highlight your outfit with a powerful color like red. It will accent, brighten or embellish the more subtle colors. This fall-themed bohemian outfit of black and gray can be accented with a red handbag. This one is from Aritzia–it’s a popular trend… Go and get it!

Blondie Exhibition


Blondie, the legendary pop rock singer from the 70’s and 80’s is celebrating her 40th anniversary as a musical and cultural icon. Her music was a blending of pop, punk, rap and reggae…a new wave sound. The other day while heading home from FIT, I walked over to see her exhibition at the Chelsea Hotel Storefront Gallery. I grew up listening to her music…Heart of Glass and Rapture.

“Music keeps me going — it’s stimulating, it’s important as an artist and as a musician to keep digging for it…” Debbie Harry.

The Extreme Transformation of the Meatpacking District

In the summer of 2012, my mom took me to NYC for fashion design summer camp. She made all the arrangements and even kept the name of the hotel a secret. It was to be a surprise. During the taxi ride to this mystery hotel, I was so anxious and curious that I could hardly breathe. I was filled with so much anticipation and excitement. I asked her, “Please tell me where we are going?…Staying at a hotel in Times Square?” and she said, “No. Just wait and see, but trust me, I know you will like it very much.” The taxi driver headed toward the Lower West Side, and as I glanced out the window, I saw that we were in the neighborhood called, “Meatpacking” with its famous Highline and Chelsea Market, expensive designer shops and restaurants along the old cobblestone streets. The taxi pulled up in front of “The Standard” hotel–one of Manhattan’s most hyper-luxury hotels. It was the most memorable trip I shared with mom.

Meatpacking has changed tremendously since the 80’s…from empty warehouses, meat markets, and factories to a favorite tourist attraction. In the winter of 1985, a young photographer, Brian Rose, spent a few days walking around the area in the mid-afternoon, taking photographs of the meat factories, run-down buildings, empty lots and even the sex clubs like the Mineshaft, that was later shut down by the city for permitting “high-risk sexual activity” during the worsening AIDS epidemic.

Brian never thought about presenting those photos until 2012, and he re-created each shot. The result is an amazing set of then-and-nows in his new book, “Metamorphosis: Meatpacking District 1985 + 2013”. This district has become one of the highest fashion forward places in Manhattan. Thousands of tourists visit Meatpacking every year…non-stop!

Here are some photos then-and-now: