The 13th Hour Exhibition

Can you handle the intense fright and terror from the show, “American Horror Story”. That’s what you can experience at the Last Rites Art Gallery in NYC. I was invited to view the recent exhibition of many talented artists, in particular, Jessica Joslin. She transforms unexpected objects like brass buttons, musical instrument parts, bones, to name a few, into animal figurines that sometimes move, snap or bolt. The gallery contains art and sculpture of the “Darker Side of Art” that is not for the squeamish or little children, but can be a great place for an authentic haunted house adventure during Halloween. It’s complete with skulls, vampires and coffins! I’m fascinated with skull artwork as it represents not only rock and heavy metal music, but also embodies an edgy, avant-garde fashion style like that of Alexander McQueen. (Check out my Last Rites hoodie!)

It’s a small gallery on three floors and the bottom level is a complete tattoo parlor that is a very dark filled room of red burning candles and gothic art. So if you are brave enough and have the courage, go visit this exhibition until the 15th!




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