Hello! I’m Sydney and I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, which is near Washington D.C. I’m an urban girl.

I moved to New York City after high school and have been studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I’m back now for the Spring semester. It was an incredible, amazing year. I not only learned so much about the fashion industry, but learned so much about this phenomenal city–its culture and history. Most importantly, I met so many talented, exceptional and extraordinary people.

Moreover, I had the privilege and opportunity to volunteer backstage at last year’s NY Fashion Week and Bridal Market Fashion Week. It was a huge and exciting time for the runway shows, designers, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, and, of course, the dedicated FIT student volunteers working backstage, diligently with energy and spirit. We were a team working harmoniously together to get the job done whether it was setting up chairs, preparing gift boxes, placing flowers and programs or organizing, taking inventory, and assisting models in every capacity…buckling high-heels, carrying water, repairing a zipper. Whatever the need, we were there without fanfare or attitude. This is a fashion student’s objective, as part of the learning process, and a real eye-opener to the world of fashion. The experience contributed significantly to a better understanding of this industry. I recognized and discovered that FIT is not just an institution–it is a community that I admire, respect and excited to be a part of.

Fashion is not my only passion, I still enjoy cooking, working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But the most significant joy in my life has been spending time with my baby sister, Phoebe. I’ll be back to Virginia to celebrate her first birthday in February! And, in-between my busy schedule, I will definitely find time to spend with friends, visit museums, exhibits, Broadway plays, and especially longboarding along the Hudson. (Catch me if you can!)

I hope you enjoy my blog and continue to follow me on Instagram.



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