Half-Side Braid and Faux Mohawk Braid

Half Braided and Mohawk Collage

No need to worry about shaving! I just love the many ideas of half-sided and faux mohawk braids. You can manipulate your hair and create fantastic creative styles. There are so many options and concepts, so have fun and “Rock On!”


Bring On Winter!

Baby, it’s cold outside! Here are super chic outfits and accessories for winter. You don’t have to give up your fashion style in New York when you’re wearing those bulky jackets or coats. You can still be stylish and sophisticated. Below is a slide view of classy, posh photos from the fashion media:



Post Workout: Healthy Snack Bar

GoMarco bars
Sweaty from working out in the sizzlin’ summer…you worked too hard to get that hot beach bod and need to energize while maintaining fit and healthy…then you’ve got to try this snack for in-between meals or after a workout. @PrawdaDC, the newest Barre instructor, Jen, shared these healthy and organic snack bars–one is granola and coconut and the other banana and almond butter at http://www.gomacro.com. Wow, the granola/coconut is my fave! Just go ahead and take small bites even though you’ll want to devour the whole bar! Go follow @PrawdaDC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates or contact them directly for Pilates and Barre sessions! Counting down to that next long holiday weekend, Labor Day. There’s still enough time to tone-up or lose a few pounds. Enjoy the bar and Barre!

Virtual Makeup Apps

Oooo time for beauty talk! I love makeup and it can be overwhelming and intimidating so I wanted to share with you the makeup apps I discovered–L’Oreal Makeup Genius and The Perfect 365. You can test the makeup by applying it to your own reflection in real time. It allows you to create different styles for day and night You’ve got to try this. It’s easy and fun! Go ahead and download the app, take a picture of your fresh, flawless face without makeup and start creating a fabulous look.

Black Platforms

616a1560reThey’re back! It’s the latest popular fashion trend for footwear in NYC…black platforms with thick white chunks! They are hard to find and selling fast but I happened to spot them in LES at an interesting boutique, “Pixie Market” for $78! This boutique also carries trendy vintage and retro clothing and some in wild prints! Check them out at http://www.pixiemarket.com.

Party Nail Art

Parties…Clubbing…Prom…Graduation. These events inspire and influence a growing art trend–designer nails! Just wanted to share this interesting website. And this is not just for special events, you can use these ideas to be creative year-round and coordinate with the seasons.

Prom Ideas

Girls, don’t be stressed! There are several paths to find that “perfect” prom ensemble. What’s your theme for prom? What’s your dream dress? Hairstyle? Accessories? Remember, it’s going to be an amazing night on the last chapter of your life in high school before graduation and going off to college…Congrats to all the seniors!

Here are some ideas …